The “Women in Leadership and Entrepreneurship in the UAE: A Success Story to Tell,” will be held jointly by the American University of Sharjah, the Emirates Foundation, Sorbonne University in Abu Dhabi, the American University of Sharjah, along with other leading universities in the UAE, on May 25, 2014, at the Grand Millennium Hotel in Dubai.

Breakthroughs in the Gulf mean that women hold a significant and growing number of leading positions in the private sector, academia, and government. This landmark forum will celebrate their achievements and look ahead to the future role of women in the UAE and the region. Participants will include corporate executives, officials from government and international agencies, scholars, and experts from across the Arab world. Women in top corporate positions will share their experiences, including the secrets of their success, while women, who have key roles in education, will demonstrate how to effectively bridge education and employment.

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