Foundations, leaders in industry, professionals in institutional advancement, university presidents, and alumni will consider ways to partner higher education with the private sector.

This expertise will combine the skills required to build a culture of corporate social responsibility tailored to the UAE and the Gulf. Corporate philanthropy will help generate educational programs, chairs, professorships, and joint research projects to help sustain growth in the country. Executives from industry will share various applications of corporate social responsibly, as senior corporate personnel seek ways to address the social, economic, and environmental effects of doing business in the UAE.

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world driven by the global market, universities must be initiators of change with conduits directly into industry and business. Alumni will be trained to establish support for their alma maters throughout industry as well as in alumni organizations. Universities and businesses will form a mutual symbiosis for creating new knowledge, organizational techniques, and technology for use in the economy and in the classroom.

Corporate social responsibility, thus creates social value in communities where firms do business, improves business performance, and generates sustainable growth for the country.

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